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Energy Star Construction

Pro-Interiors wants your home to be healthy for you and the planet, so we follow environmental standards to mitigate environmental impact, improve energy efficiency, and reduce harmful chemicals and odors.

Wherever possible, we follow criteria established by Energy Star, a government program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. 

We see our responsibility to the environment falling into the following four categories:

Recycling and Reuse
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During construction we’re always mindful of how we’re using our resources, employing the following practices in all our construction projects:

  • Recycle metals, glass, cardboard, etc.
  • Use old carpet or scraps to protect floors and furniture when available.
  • Donate old appliances you want discarded, e.g., ovens, range tops, dishwashers, freezers, microwaves, bathtubs, faucets, sinks.
  • Reuse materials within your project where possible.  We recently re-used a granite curb discarded by a new housing development as a step for a porch addition.
  • Protect gardens and trees during construction.
  • When trees need to be felled or limbs trimmed, we chip the wood and use it as mulch for the garden or during construction
  • Use recycled or sustainable materials in construction where we can
Energy Efficiency
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Energy efficiency is not only good for the environment. It also lowers your operating costs.  We recommend Energy Star appliances.  

We take many measures to improve indoor air quality and conserve energy costs. 

  • We recommend fluorescent energy saving light bulbs.
  • We recommend moderate placement of skylights and sun tunnels for energy-less natural light.
  • We air seal windows and where feasible and replace with low-E double pane windows which also reduces allergens.   
  • Doors are also air-sealed with sheathing or flashing.  
  • On all our projects, insulation is always to code or higher and includes wall, ceiling, attic, and floor insulation.  On new construction, or when replacing siding, we ensure there is adequate exterior wall insulation.  
  • Exterior house wrap and sealing drywall reduce air leakages.    
  • We check HVAC duct work for leakages and repair where necessary.  If you are living in the house during a renovation, we change your filter to reduce air quality impact on you. We recommend high allergen reducing filters.  
  • We install return ducts in every room to increase comfort and reduce back drafting of exhaust gases from the HVAC system.  
  • We ensure range hoods, dryers and bath exhaust fans are vented outside properly.
Water Conservation
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Water conservation is becoming increasingly important.  

  • We recommend low flow toilets and water efficient showerheads.  
  • High efficiency front loading washers use less water, less energy, and wring more water out of clothes so less energy is needed to dry them. 
  • We can install rain capture water systems for lawn and garden irrigation.  
  • Heating water is more efficient with a tankless water heater which heats water upon demand instead of maintaining hot water temperature. They also take up less space, freeing up more room for storage or living space.
Eco-Friendly Materials
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We take great steps to ensure your home is safe and durable.  

  • We use low- or no-VOC paint, stains, and polyurethane to reduce harmful chemicals and odors.  
  • We use formaldehyde free cabinets, shelves, and countertops.  We use concrete board siding to ward off termites. 
  • We direct water from roof gutter systems away from the foundation to prevent erosion around the base of your house. 
  • We can install porous concrete or pavers to reduce runoff.

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