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Our Process

The best remodeling results come when customer and contractor work together. You’ll notice that our method is collaborative and involves a good bit of feedback from you. Clear communication with the client is our number one priority and the biggest contributor to project success. 


We look closely at your space, listen carefully to your wishes and goals, and make suggestions for how to ensure the project creates the results you want, in terms of aesthetics, function and cost. We’ll rough out ideas and estimate fees for multiple approaches. 

Our work is custom. That means you get what you want, not what is easy for us. We can help you design your space so it flows better, you can utilize more of it, and it fits your lifestyle.  

We’ll determine if your project may need blueprints or if we can work from computer-aided design (CAD). If you need an architect, we can recommend some, or we can work with architectural drawings you may already have. 

Based on your input, we’ll narrow to one approach and create a detailed design phase that gives you an idea of what your new space will look like. Once customer and Pro-Interiors have settled on the final design phase, we establish the construction schedule and write the contract. After approval, permitting begins. 


We begin construction within two weeks of receiving all necessary permitting approvals. We’ll provide a detailed construction schedule so you know what to expect and when, and we track all costs in Excel.

We work on your job for consecutive weeks in a timely, organized and efficient manner to expedite the project.  

You’ll need to make dozens of decisions, but we’ll explain in detail what they are and when they need to be made. We want to make this process as painless and as easy as possible for you. We’ll show you all your choices and give you a week or two to decide.  

Shopping for materials is a key step you’ll need to allow time for, and we’ll shop with you to help you compare specific options in terms of cost, durability, and functionality. 

You’ll also need to mark your calendar for weekly walk-throughs where we survey progress together, revise the schedule if needed, and check that the project is developing in line with your expectations.

During construction, a Pro-Interiors supervisor is always on site to manage contractors. We introduce ourselves to your neighbors with a letter so they have someone to talk to if they have any concerns.

If necessary, we cover furniture that remains in the house. Our crew cleans up at the end of each day, clearing clutter, sweeping away dust and making sure any dangerous materials like loose nails are removed or otherwise secured.

Sometimes noise is unavoidable, but we minimize it.  We don’t start work before 7:30 am on weekdays, and we won’t stay past a reasonable time on weeknights.  We will work an occasional Saturday or Sunday but do not run power tools before 9:00 am.

Post-Construction Satisfaction

After we’ve completed construction, we perform a series of inspections to ensure a project we can all be proud of. The first is a quality control check in which we do a walk-through before presenting the renovation to the client. We check for cosmetic, mechanical and other issues, and create a punch list of items to be resolved before the client walk-through. 

The second inspection is with the client and may generate another punch list. After these are taken care of, we do the final inspection with you. Then we let you live in the new area for a couple of weeks in case there are any other little trouble spots. We provide a form for you to track these details and then return to take care of them.

At thirty days and again at one year, we do additional reviews. Any problems that may arise outside of normal wear and tear we’ll take care of as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

We warranty our work for one year and we warranty the work of our subcontractors for one year. 

Fully licensed and insured with both General Liability and Workers Compensation

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